Central Bama Bass Club

Due to lack of participation, Central Bama Bass Club has decided to end the club.

Every team MUST submit a copy of proof of liability insurance of $100,000 minimum, before fishing with CBBC

 Welcome to the Central Bama Bass Club. This club was brought together for the average working people of the Autauga, Elmore, Montgomery, and surrounding counties area. This club is made of non-professional, non-guide service anglers, and unsponsored fisherman who enjoy fishing bass tournaments in our spare time. Anyone interested in joining the club will have to be voted in by a seven member club committee. Anyone that is a professional fisher, guide-service fisher, or a sponsored fisherman will not be allowed to join. This is solely to keep the club tournaments at a fair level of competition. So that all members are able to compete. The goal of this club is for all the members to have a good time, and enjoy fishing our tournaments.

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